Bridging the Nano divide

The nanorevolution is just around the corner, in a few years we will begin to see huge impacts on our societies from these emerging technologies.

For global business, this means new jobs due to new markets and enormous growth prospects.

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About SabryCorp Ltd.

SabryCorp is a consulting company specialized in Nanotechnology and is the first scientific consultancy based in the Middle East and Africa. SabryCorp offers a wide range of services from targeted consulting reports to the management and implementation of full-scale nano projects (including establishing laboratories and research centers), to establishing a "nano roadmap" for the Middle East.

Our strong network of international and regional partners enables us to balance local needs and forge partnerships and connections between middle eastern industries, investors, governments and external key nano players. We leverage these social and business networks to help our clients to find the right partners for technological innovation. We inform our Middle Eastern partners on the revolutionary impact of nano and help large investment groups explore and target high-impact, new technology avenues to generate revenue.

Our combined 30 years of experience in advanced tech and business have provided us with the diversified and interdisciplinary acumen needed to accurately pinpoint solutions for our clients and partners. Particular specialist areas include: Sensor technology, Nano characterization, Nanotechnology for energy and environment (including renewable energy, petroleum), nano bio-medical applications. Our combination of business and market insight plus our first-hand understanding and experience in nanotechnology allow us to easily identify what needs to be done to ensure our client’s success.

We strive to ensure the highest quality and reliability in the services we provide. We value corporate responsibility highly and are committed to conducting business in a manner that is just, ethical and protective of the environment and human societies.

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